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Travelling and enjoying gastronomic diversity

Travelling is the best experience in the world. You explore nature, architecture and culture - all in one go. There is one really important part of travelling - the food!

Visiting a new place for the first time, especially if the culture is not the one you are used to, can be difficult. Here are a few easy tips for you!

Nowadays, it is not that difficult to find a great restaurant, will all that internet can offer, just a couple of click can help you find something you could enjoy.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you find a fine place without using your phone. Keep your eyes wide open, if the restaurant is full and people are waiting for a table, this is a sure sign the restaurant has something interesting to offer.

Once you find a place, make sure you look around, as politely as you can and find already some dishes that you are interested in. Also, the ambience can tell you a thing or two about the way the restaurant works. If everything is spot on clean, this is already a good sign.

The location matters. Usually, tourists enjoy the restaurants located in most popular zones, main squares etc. Try to explore a bit more what your destination has to offer, stop a local and ask her/him to advise where to enjoy a fine lunch/dinner.


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