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Slavonia is the golden grainary of Croatia, best known for the rich gastronomic offer and 

famous wine making areas - Ilok and Kutjevo.

The region is surrounded by three rivers Sava, Drava and Dunav. You can visit the castles or relax in summer houses that once belonged to rich families. Osijek, located on the river Drava, is the largest city in Slavonia and an interesting tourist destination. Slavonia is an ideal destination for a peaceful and serene vacation, far away from urban noise. Rivers and streams will calm your thoughts. Apart from relaxation you can try hunting and fishing or simply enjoy the rural tourism.

Image by claudia lam


Romantic heart-shaped peninsula will blow your mind. Istria has it all, whether you are interested in hedonistic vacation full of satisfying experiences or you prefer an active and adrenaline-fueled experience - Istra is a right place for you. The crystal clear sea is just a bonus and narrow stone-paved streets will charm you forever. Istria is rich with small picturesque towns, almost fairy-tale-like. 

If you are more adventure-oriented you can try windsurfing, zip-line, scuba-diving. For those who are looking for a romantic retreat there is the observatory - where you can experience the starry sky. For sea-lovers Istra offers boat trips or sailing experience. Don’t miss the festivals, every town has its own. 

Kvarner, located just below Istria, is a perfect place for a vacation during the entire year. The possibilities are endless from breath-taking coastal promenades to cultural beauties, you can enjoy cycling, book a sailing tour around the islands or choose a hiking path along the coast or on one of the islands. If you wish to relax and calm your body and soul there are more than a few Wellness & Spa resorts. For those seeking adventure Kvarner offers paragliding, wakeboarding, rafting or scuba diving. 

Rovinj, Istra, Croatia


If you are searching for an escape from urban noise and you wish to calm your body and soul you should visit Lika and Gorski Kotar. Beautiful accomodation in untouched nature and numerous hidden beauties. You must visit the oldest and largest National Park in Croatia, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. - Plitvice Lakes - series of waterfalls that merge into a crystal lake. Given that its beauty cannot be described in words you will just have to visit Plitvice for this unforgettable experience. Gorski Kotar is ideal for speleologists, cyclists, kayakers, hikers and nature lovers.

Many speleological sites can be found in National Park ‘Northern Velebit’ and the most famous one is Luka's Cave, one of the deepest caves in the world.

While you are in the area you should visit the memorial center dedicated to Nikola Tesla situated in Smiljan.

If you are a ski lover, the mountain Platak is the most famous family ski resort and during summer is an ideal destination for hikers. Whether you are searching for an active vacation or you wish to relax, Lika and Gorski Kotar can offer you a journey you will not forget.

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